My Goals


Briefly my life goal is to be successful and happy. Right now, this means I want to eventually build a career as a software engineer, since this a job that consists of solving problems through the use of computers, which I really enjoy. I look forward to prove myself in this field by developing tools that have a real impact on the world to make other people's lives easier. Finally, I want to keep learning as I grow, since knowledge is one of the most valuable resources anyone can have.

Software Engineering


To achieve my long-term goals I plan to get my Computer Science major at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, giving my best every stage of the way. Simultaneously, I want to develop a professional understanding through meaningful internships during my undergraduate years, so when I finally get my major I have real world, hands on experience. Furthermore, I am planning on going to graduate school, in order to further develop my skill and understanding of my field of study.

Computer Science


To get on track to meet all my goals further on in life, I plan to take advantage of all the opportunities I have as an undergraduate student. I am taking challenging classes where I can develop a deep understanding of the most interesting topics; I am joining clubs that share my interest in engineering and the science, so I can create meaningful relationships with people in my field; and finally I will use all the resources available at the U of M in order to boost my life in the right direction.

University of Michigan